AL Priority Laser Jammer



AL Priority Systems are only available for local installation. Please call us for more information and pricing.

Anti-Laser Priority or AL Priority is the best performing LIDAR and Police Laser jamming system on the market today.

Al Priority integrates with many Radar detectors on the market today to give you best in class defense.

Al Priority is internet upgradeable & user programmable via any web browser with handy add-ons set it aside from the competition.

Anti-laser’s add-ons include a Bluetooth module with Android and iPhone application, and a GPS antenna for Radar band location lockouts, and speed adjusted alerting and defense.

LIWrap is an Authorized AL Priority Installation Center. Come see a demo and get the best possible protection from Police Laser, LIDAR and Radar.

LIWrap has been selling and installing countermeasures since 1992 to both the retail and wholesale market. If you have ANY questions please dont hesitate contacting us.


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